Dear Zoom Participant.

The Congress Sessions will be transmitted on Zoom Webinar. Access information was sent by e-mail. In case of not received, please, contact us so we can resend. Kindly consider that we will send details to the e-mails used for registration.

When accessing the sessions we, kindly, request all participants to use at least their first and last name for identification. Please, don’t use just initials or nicknames. This will permit a good identification of the participant and this will be very important in case of the participant needs to have additional commands (voice, image, screen sharing) at any time during the session.

For a better sound experience, we recommend to all participants the use of headsets or headphones. Also, for a better organization, just the speakers and the chairperson will have the video and microphone on. Questions are welcome at specific times by Q&A and the chair of the session will coordinate the discussion.

The 1st International Congress of Historic Botanical Gardens organization require your best understanding of the fact that all the participants are responsible for maintaining the exclusivity of access to the zoom meetings. The information provided to the registered (and invited) participants is non-sharable.

See you online!


See here the Open Conference Communication

The International Association of Botanic Gardens (IABG) and some thoughts on managing historical botanic gardens

Tim Entwisle – Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Australia, and President of International Association of Botanic Gardens (Australia)